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Turn the stumbling blocks in your marriage to stepping stones for success.

New beginnings come from within.

We'll help you find them.

Marriage is a journey shared, endured, and cherished with two partners committed to success. Through difficulties, the opportunity of hope, healing, and rebuilding a meaningful bond is easy with the help of compassionate, caring, and non-judgmental professionals.

Counseling Service Center is committed to your success. We truly care about your marriage, and we’re here to help you achieve a beautiful and loving life with your partner.

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Marriage Workshops

Counseling Service Center offers bilingual Spanish and English-speaking professional counseling workshops with a deep understanding of the spiritual aspects of marriage. You can affordably restore your marriage and secure a healthier future with the help of our powerful faith and group support system.

It is never too late or too early to seek the help improving your relationship and creating a healthier lifestyle with a lasting shared bond with your partner. Counseling Service Center is experienced with proven faith-based principles that provide couples with miraculous changes and lasting improvements.


People, life, and situations change. Because everyone reacts to life struggles and temptations, interventions can sometimes be the only way for loved ones to accept that there is a problem and create a plan for a solution. Counseling Service Center provides marital interventions that are centered around understanding, non-judgmental, and faith-driven communication. If you or a loved one are in need of an intervention, you are not in this alone. Scheduling an intervention with Counseling Service Center is the first step to make a lasting change.

We Help With

We deal with trauma issues that lead to anxiety, depression, panic attacks, PTSD. We also help couples that are dealing with, extra marital affairs, sex addictions, substance abuse, anger issues that lead to domestic violence. Counseling Service Center also provides assistance with adoption support and classes.

Accreditation and Experience

Nova Southeaster University
Master Mental Health Counseling
State and License No.: Florida, MH13073
Eckerd College
Bachelor Human Development
Berean Bible College
Bible and Theology
Gottman Institute Trained Level 1,2,3,
Seven Principles for making Marriage Work
Treating Affairs and Trauma
Couples and Addiction Recovery
IMAGO Relationship Therapy Clinical Certify
Safe Conversation Educator
National Anger Management Association Certify
Prepared Enrich Certified Facilitator
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Bill Gonzalez

Counselor Bill is passionate about providing restorative supportive resources for married couples of all ages throughout Tampa, Lakeland, and Orlando.  Counselor Bill has been happily married for 39 years, is the thankful father of four sons, and is the proud grandfather of six beautiful grandchildren. His experience as a counselor expands a period of 27 years as a minister, director of pastoral care counseling, and support groups.


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